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co working spaces in london

Premium Co Working Space in London

Located in the heart of East London, we bring a fresh perspective to the same old office. 

Our aesthetically pleasing best coworking spaces help team members relax and efficiency remains at its peak. 

Say bye-bye to gloomy sad offices, and welcome to the new era of shared workspaces & coworking spaces in London.

Well, What’s so Great @ The Co-Dalston?

Besides being a low-key investment, our coworking spaces in London are becoming the preferred way of working and running a business.

The reason is simple – when choosing a coworking shared office space in London, you get additional office accessories and furniture so that you have an actual office running in no time!

Plus, and here’s the secret – we’ve also got a food incubator, so you are always delighted with coffees and sandwiches!

shared office spaces in london
coworking office space in london

How do you get a Coworking Office Space in London?

We provide the shared office space and all that’s required to start a business – furniture, accessories, etc. Our coworking office space advisor will reach out and assess your requirements. Grab a day pass and let us give you a tour!

Who uses coworking spaces in London?

If you’re thinking about whether a coworking shared office space might be the right fit for you, after all, hear this.

The Co. Dalston here in London is a is occupied by freelancers and start-up teams, all of who are benefiting from additional benefits and getting the work done.

But, we are more than just a coworking space in London. When you sign-up with us, you get more than just a desk.

We have a meeting room, a private office room, and a conference room as well, so if you got clients coming for a chat – just let us know a bit in advance!

The important takeaway you get from us is that if you believe you might need to change or even expand, we just need a month’s notice, and you get what you need!

creative coworking space london
shared workspace london

Community @ The Co Dalston

Over the years, we have built a strong network of entrepreneurs running successful businesses across industries and sectors. When you sign-up with us, you gain access to this network of successful brands.

You can benefit immensely from joining our community of entrepreneurs, and attending our regular workshops and mentor sessions.

We offer customizable membership plans at affordable rates for every business. Connect with us and find the right plan for your business.

Additional Benefits @ The Co Dalston

co working space location

Wonderful Location

Located in East London, near Dalston Kingsland station

Ergonomically designed coworking spaces

Safe, comfortable environment

Co working spaces Dalston

Customizable, Affordable Plans

Customised plans for your business

Flexible membership plans

best shared office in london

Community @ Co Dalston

Access our community of entrepreneurs

Learn from our regular, free workshops

Sign-up for personal mentor sessions

If you are looking for a coworking office space in London, or any kind of shared office space, connect with us at The Co. Dalston and have a look at our wider variety of flexible, customizable plans to start working today!

The Co-Dalston – where food and great ideas meet!

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