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Global Coworking Franchise

Global Coworking Franchise

The Work Place Has Changed Forever

From Corporations to Freelancers, everyone is looking at flexible places to work from.

Traditional office leases are expensive and in-flexible in changing environments and working from home just isn’t productive or engaging for everyone.

Global Coworking Franchise

Coworking spaces are on the rise and in great demand.

The Co- Spaces has been creating unique coworking spaces in the food, retail, and office space environment for the past 5 years.

In the current economic and social landscape the opportunity is ripe for landlords to:

  • Maximise rental return
  • Create hubs to drive traffic and footfall to their properties
  • Utilise unused space
  • Diversify their offering
Global Coworking Franchise
Global Coworking Franchise

Is Our Franchise Right For You?

Commercial Landlords Looking To Maximum Income

Utilise Unused Space

Launch An Alternative Hospitality Business

Drive Traffic To Your Existing Commercial Venue

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