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The What, Why and How of Serviced Offices

Serviced offices have been immensely popular for a long time now. They have gained huge popularity across the globe as more and more business houses are looking for flexible and affordable options. If you are considering moving your business into a serviced office, this article might be just the thing to read.

When searching for an office, what does one look for? You will probably look for a great location, lease flexibility, basic amenities and facilities. However, chances are that most people are unable to afford the cost that comes with it. This is where serviced offices come in. 

A serviced office is basically a fully-equipped and well-furnished workspace that can be hired on pay-as-you-use basis. Such office spaces are usually located in a business centre and managed by a particular operator. They are generally located in business hubs and industrial areas, thus, ensuring the best location for an office. The many features that you might be looking to include in your office such as a receptionist, meeting rooms, printers and other things are all mostly included in a serviced office. So, you end up getting a complete package.

It will take off your hands the task of maintaining an office, the works and the cost. Along with eliminating the hassle of setting-up an office; you will have a truly affordable office. This will in turn help entrepreneurs and business owners by reducing time spent on trivial tasks and increasing productivity.  

Types of Serviced Offices

Serviced office spaces are a really wonderful solution for all your office related needs. There are various kinds of serviced offices available nowadays; making it easier for business owners to choose what suits them best.

  • Short Term Offices: These can be taken on lease from 1 to 3 months. This means you don’t have to bear the hassle of recruitment, renovation, electrical installation and many other things.
  • Long Term Offices: If your requirement is little bigger in size and you need a place for several months or for a year, then long term serviced office spaces are the right choice for you.
  • Branch/Representative Offices: Such spaces are just perfect for startups, SME’s and small business owners who don’t wish to spend much on an office right now. They can simply get a representative office.
  • Project Offices: When you are in dire need of an additional office space for an upcoming project, it is wise to look for project offices.

Here’s why you should consider leasing a serviced office?

  • Serviced offices are flexible and come on short-term lease which means you can get a space of your choice both at the time of expanding and reducing the workforce.
  • Cost-effectiveness is another major reason to opt for serviced offices. As they come fully furnished and well equipped, you don’t have to pay extra for setting up the office. You end up saving costs for your business.
  • Serviced offices are designed to offer instant facilities that professionals need to work, to organise meetings and sometimes for a social occasion.
  • Serviced offices also help you to establish a global network by reaching new international markets and communities.

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