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Why Dalston is the best place to set-up an office?

Why Dalston is the best place to set-up an office?

London is one of the major financial capitals of the world. It is always bustling with commercial activities and an increasing number of people are launching their startups in London. It is estimated that London alone sees a few thousand startups every year. The business-friendly environment of the city is what draws entrepreneurs, small business owners and SME’s to it.

However, while starting a business in London is easy, the high real estate prices and maintenance costs make setting-up an office here a really expensive affair; one that most businesses can’t afford in the early stage. If you are looking to set-up an office in London too then allow us to guide you to Dalston in East London. It is one of the best locations to set-up your office in London without breaking the bank. You should consider Dalston because –

  • Good Location

Dalston, located in East London in the London Borough of Hackney, is a good, mainstream location to set-up an office. It is a busy, business district now with a lot of facilities and amenities within reach. An office is Dalston would definitely speak to your clients and customers about your business.

  • Cheaper Rent

While business districts such as Old Street have extremely high rents; Dalston, despite being close to them, still has a substantially lower rent rate. Also, there are a lot of options to look at as well, you need not settle for the first thing you see. You can get a nice office space for a good deal here. It would ultimately help you in saving costs for your business.

  • Accessibility

The area is highly accessible as it has two major tube stations, namely, Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingsland stations. It also has a main road connecting it to central places such as Shoreditch and Tottenham. It’s an easy place to reach for your clients, customers, employees and yourself.

  • Business-friendly

In the past few years, major businesses have moved to Dalston due to the growing rents and other factors in nearby areas. For tech and creative businesses in London, Dalston has become THE hub. This has made it a very business-friendly area. There are good restaurants and cafes around. You can find complete solutions for tech, delivery, packaging and so much more.

  • Supportive Community

Dalston has a growing business community with people from across different fields. Having an office here will ensure that you get to meet varied people. You can find a mentor, a partner or simply enjoy the benefits that come with having a supportive community.

If you are looking to rent a private office or a serviced office or simply work from a coworking space then Dalston won’t disappoint you. It is home to some of the best coworking spaces in London like The Co-Dalston. They offer work desks, meeting spaces and much more. You can get an hourly, daily or long term pass. Apart from a cool office space they also offer food and short term accommodation facilities.