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Ejari Certification – Dubai [SEO]

Ejari Certification with us is just one word - easy.

Businesses in Dubai are required to have an Ejari certificate. You get an address, which helps out for your DED Trade License.

With The Co-Dubai, the entire process of contract registration is seamless and online – no hassles, no queues!

How do I get Ejari from The Co-Dubai?

Just fill out the form we have at the end of the page. We will be requiring some additional screenshots of your documents – your Dubai Trade License, Passport, etc.

Give us a day or two, we’ll get on a call to finish out the final work and you get yourself an Ejari Certificate!

Ejari Certification – Dubai [SEO]
Ejari Certification – Dubai [SEO]

Why Choose The-Co Dubai for an Ejari certificate service?

Well, getting an Ejari certificate has some prerequisites. One of them is having an address in Dubai. That’s where we come in.

You don’t have to get an actual office. Being in the coworking business, we at Co-Dubai have that covered for you!

Our Ejari membership has flexible plans suited to the needs of a growing business. Choose the one which suits the current pace of your business – and that’s it.

Plus, you get an address at the heart of Dubai – near The Burj Khalifa.

Is Ejari available all around the year?

Being in the startup space, Co-Dubai gets a lot of requests from businesses starting up or wishing to expand in Dubai.

And Ejari being the prime and mandatory requirement, our annual Ejari slots get booked fast.

Unlike other Ejari service providers, our packages take care of all the aspects surrounding Ejari certification.

You just have to sit back and relax while we do it all for you!

Ejari Certification – Dubai [SEO]

Our Plans

  • Ejari Basic
  • AED 7500*
    • 1-year Ejari certificate
    • Register your trade license
    • Prestigious address in Downtown Dubai
    • Issued within 4 hours
    • Apply Online
    • 5 hours meeting room usage per month
    • * Prices are excluding 5% VAT
  • Ejari Plus
  • AED 10000*
    • 1-year Ejari certificate
    • 30 Hours usage of our facility per month
    • Register your trade license
    • Prestigious address in Downtown Dubai
    • Issued within 4 hours
    • Apply Online
    • * Prices are excluding 5% VAT

Additional Benefits @ The Co-Dubai

co working space location

A magnificent address for your business, make an impressive statement among your associates.


The registered address is not just an address – a fully functional coworking space. Meet peers in your and other industry, connect & grow.


One-on-one assistance throughout the whole journey of your Ejari certification.

Ejari Certification – Dubai [SEO]

Community @ The Co-Dubai

So, now that you have an address and a registered office in Dubai – come meet us at The Co-Dubai. We are a strong group of business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, and more.

We conduct mentor sessions, workshops, and webinars occasionally to help business owners like you scale and grow your business in Dubai!

Just fill out this form and we will get back to you