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Top 5 Things to Consider When Moving an Office

Relocating an office is a big task in itself whether it’s for SME’s or small business or even for startups. There are so many options to look into, so many points to consider and a lot of trial and error is involved as well. Not only do you need a lot of time on hand to make the move easier but you also require specific skills such as spotting a good deal, negotiating, organising among other things.

All this work involved is one of the major reasons why people are moving to coworking spaces. Several co-working spaces are also offering small office rentals and shared office rentals these days.

Anyway, if you need to move your office and are stuck with how to go about it, we created a guide to make it easier for you and to help in saving costs for your business. Here are some of the top things you must consider when moving –


Anybody would love to own an office in the swankiest building in town but, honestly, not everyone can afford it. Office spaces are extremely expensive, often charging way more than its worth. You need to mark out your budget at the start itself. Consider how much you can spend on a workplace and then visit spaces that fall under your budget category only. You need an affordable office.

2. Interiors and fittings

People often forget to calculate the cost of interior designing and fittings which adds up to sometimes roughly half of your lease amount. Consider various options of how you can optimally use the available space and save costs at the same time. Check with various service providers to see what kind of trendy office designs are available.

3. Office Furniture

How many desks will you need? What kind of chairs do you need? These are questions that you must consider before moving. Also, you can use your old office furniture as well. See whether it fits and if it does, you can end up saving a good amount of money. You also will save the time that you would otherwise have to spend to look for new furniture.

4. IT and other equipment

You need to consider whether you will be upgrading to new systems or you will be relocating the old desktops to your new office. If you have some leased electronic equipment then you might also require permission from the vendor to move them into your new office. Internet and telephone connections must also be thought of; you could shift to new providers or stick with the same ones.

5. Moving Plan

Draw-up a detailed moving plan. Fix dates and times for the move and set-up in the new space. Ideally, it could take a week for you to finally settle into the new space. Make sure sensitive materials are packed properly to avoid any kind of damage. Certain furniture and equipment would need dismantling and re-installation as well. You could maybe consider hiring a professional to take care of it all. 

Moving an office is hard work but rewarding as well. You will need to put in the time and effort needed to make the move as easier as possible!

Or, you can move into one of our flexible offices within 24 hours and focus on working and growing your business.

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